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5 methods to detect pregnancy

Hello, if you have come to my website, it is probably because you think you might be pregnant and you are asking yourself the question how do I know if I am pregnant? in all likelihood, it's your first pregnancy and you don't quite know how you can find out.

Well, although I have already talked about this topic on other occasions, I am going to give you a summary of everything you need to know or do to confirm if you are pregnant.

métodos para detectar embarazo

How to know if I am pregnant with the first symptoms:

In order to know if you are in a state, the first thing to do is to know the early signs of pregnancy to be able to evaluate it. The unmistakable symptom, although it may not be the first, that you are pregnant is the absence of menstruation, you can read more about this in this article, although in some cases the absence of menstruation may be due to an illness, it is not usual and if you are healthy, surely, its absence means that you are pregnant. Also keep in mind that, even if you are pregnant, you may have small blood losses that can confuse you. These losses are normal and are due to the implantation of the egg in the uterus.

There are also other symptoms that, although sometimes in the early days are often confused with those of the rule, can help you confirm if you are pregnant, for example, if you notice changes in the breasts, the basal temperature changes at the end of the period (if you are trying to get pregnant is something you should know also help you know what your fertile days are), mood swings, loss of appetite, ..., all these symptoms are common in many women but does not mean that all have them or perceive them clearly. Other characteristic symptoms of pregnancy are usually tiredness, the need to go to the toilet more often, .... ..., which can occur even during the 9 months. Vaginal discharge in pregnancy plays a very important role and knowing what it looks like in the different phases can help you identify if you are pregnant, if you are in your fertile period, if you are approaching your period, ...

I invite you to take my free online pregnancy test that will help you recognize these symptoms and tell you if you could be pregnant.


Home pregnancy tests:

In another article I also talked about these tests, although I explained how to perform them, I have to tell you that they are not really effective and reliable methods. Some of them are grandmother's methods that, although they will be used some time ago, the possibility of success is random, that is to say, whether you get it right or not is a matter of luck. However, check out my article on home pregnancy tests if you want to try it, let me know.

Take a urine pregnancy test:

This is the most effective way to find out if you are pregnant. If you are looking for a baby or think you may be pregnant shortly after having a crazy night, the safest way to find out for sure is to take a conventional urine pregnancy test or what we usually call a predictor.

Pregnancy tests react with the HCG hormone in the sample taken. Some of these tests are so sensitive that they react with less of this hormone and you can take the test even before your period is due.

Blood tests:

It is not a test that is normally done to find out if you are pregnant on your own, but it is a test used by gynecologists to confirm it. Surely when you go to him with the suspicion of being in state, he will ask you for a blood test where it will be clear whether or not you are pregnant.

The blood test verifies the levels of the same hormone as the urine pregnancy test but the accuracy is much higher and can detect levels of 5 mIU/ml and, as it is performed by professionals, the possibility of error is almost nonexistent. Incidentally, other data obtained in the analysis will be useful to your gynecologist to verify and control that everything is fine.

Gynecological ultrasound examination:

When the pregnancy is very recent, this method is not usually effective because you would not be able to see anything if you had an ultrasound, but when you are a little advanced, for example, a month after the first miscarriage, the embryo sac and the embryo that is inside are usually visible. In the case of twins, you would be able to distinguish two little bags.

Well, this is all I know about how to find out if I'm pregnant. Don't forget to go deeper with the articles I have been pointing out, this way you will be able to recognize the symptoms and you will learn more about the pregnancy tests that exist, even, how our grandmothers did it. If you are looking for a baby and you are not pregnant yet I have a news!!! Did you know that there are methods for choosing the sex of the baby? Click on the link above and read my article that will help you choose the sex of your child.

And don't forget, if you think you are pregnant and your symptoms and pregnancy test confirm it, request a visit with your doctor as soon as possible.

Everything you need to know if you are pregnant: pregnancy test, home pregnancy tests, first signs of pregnancy online, follow up tests. We also talk a lot about stretch marks, white stretch marks, red stretch marks, stretch mark treatments and an anti-stretch mark cream special.

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