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Hello, we have created this website thinking about you, how to solve your doubts. Those doubts you have when you are looking for a baby and the day is approaching when your period is due and you start to feel tingling all over your body and you do not know if it is normal, premenstrual symptoms or, something different, you are pregnant.

In this web site we will be adding little by little articles that we believe are interesting for you.

Don't forget that you should always consult your gynecologist or doctor about any issue related to your health or that of your baby. This website is only intended to help you learn more about the beautiful time you are going through or are going through.

We hope you enjoy with us.

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Everything you need to know if you are pregnant: pregnancy test, home pregnancy tests, first signs of pregnancy online, follow up tests. We also talk a lot about stretch marks, white stretch marks, red stretch marks, stretch mark treatments and an anti-stretch mark cream special.

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