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Red stretch marks

The period of pregnancy, the most beautiful stage in a woman's life, is generally marred by the the appearance of unsightly and unsightly stretch markswhich are the result of the breakage of the elastic and collagen fibers of the skin, which are similar to parallel strips, originally, appear in the skin. red streaksIf the appropriate measures are not taken, they become white and will be more difficult to remove, they look like slightly deep and thin scars and the skin has a different texture than normal.

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However, there are extraordinary home remedies for stretch marks, which prevent the passage of stretch marks. red striae to white striae or to disguise the white ones, if you already have them, in short, don't worry about stretch marks, enjoy your pregnancy, read on to get all the information you need, for your peace of mind.

There are many girls who wonder if thered stretch marks disappear after pregnancyThe answer is NO, if you don't act quickly by applying a good anti-stretch mark cream or some other solution, red stretch marks will not disappear after pregnancy. But read on and you will discover many things...

Red stretch marks, why do they originate?

When women become pregnant, their body begins a process of adaptation to the new state, there is a large increase in estrogen, affecting the skin which is composed of the epidermis which is the outer part and gives us protection and the dermis is the inner part is where the breakage of the elastic fibers occurs, at the same time the skin begins to stretch losing a lot of water, it is at this time when the skin begins to dry out resulting in stretch marks.

Studies indicate that stretch marks appear between the fifth and sixth week of pregnancy. and that between 50% and 70% of first-time pregnant women develop them due to dry skin, water loss and, of course, hormonal changes, in 12% of these pregnancies, these stretch marks become problematic..

According to gynecobstetrician Victor Marin, indicates that for every 8% of skin stretching, a high percentage of hydration is lost making the skin itchy having the need to scratch constantly, however, this is not why stretch marks appear, it is because the skin is extremely dry.

Red stretch marks and genetics.

Stretch marks that appear at the beginning of pregnancy are very easy to treat both with home remedies and medical treatment, it is advisable to treat red stretch marks as soon as they appearHowever, as genetics has an influence, it is good to know if some of our relatives have had or have stretch marks, in order to prevent them.

According to research conducted on pregnant women, it has been concluded that the appearance of stretch marks does not depend on the volume that can reach the abdomen, but that the predisposition to the development of stretch marks is genetic, which provides or not a good quality of the skin in terms of elasticity, which prevents the appearance of stretch marks, therefore, if in the pregnancies of your family there has been no stretch marks there is a great possibility of not developing them.

Red streaks under control.

Consequently, it is important to control the appearance of red stretch marks, because, as time goes by, they will end up as scars with a whitish color, which will be more difficult to remove, which is why pregnant women or women who are about to become pregnant should use moisturizers containing vitamin E and vitamin A, to prevent the appearance of these.

A pregnant woman who is well nourished and drinks enough water, her skin will not be dehydrated and it will be more difficult for stretch marks to appear.

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