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Stretch marks on legs

Stretch marks are whitish marks that usually appear in certain areas of the body, especially in areas where the skin is more sensitive to changes in volume, such as: the thighs, buttocks, thighs, buttocks, buttocks, buttocks, buttocks, buttocks, buttocks, buttocks, buttocks, buttocks, and thighs. stretch marks on legs on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen and breasts, especially during pregnancy. These marks are the result of too rapid changes in our weight, whether we gain or lose it. In short, stretch marks arise due to a stretching of the skin that ends up suffering a breakage thus producing these cracks.

Estrias en las piernas

Let's take a look at some tips for the prevention or removal of stretch marks in the leg area.

Home remedies to remove stretch marks on legs

Fortunately there are a number of highly recommended home remedies that we can apply to reduce or eliminate them permanently. In the specific case of the legs area, one of the measures we can take is the application of rosehip and almond oil. Following a routine of both products daily after showering will help regenerate the damaged dermis. Another alternative that we can easily find in stores is horsetail. This medicinal plant has a high silicon content, a natural regenerating element. In addition to helping us to eliminate stretch marks, it also has many other benefits for our health. Here is a recipe to carry out this treatment:

Let 100 grams of horsetail plant macerate for a month in a liter of 40º alcohol. Then add 8 to 10 drops of natural lemon. After the month has passed, dilute the mixture with half a liter of water. Once the preparation is ready, massage the area at least twice a day.
Another recipe but, this time, using carrots:

The first thing to do is to steam a carrot until it has a smooth texture, then mash it to a puree. Then we mash it until we get a puree, spread it on the affected area and let it rest for 30 minutes. Finally, clean the area well with cold water.
Another option we can try, once the stretch marks have already turned into white stretch marks:

Blend the peels of five beets, five peaches and the core of a carrot. Apply the mixture on the stretch mark until the area absorbs it.
Finally, the remedies that are useful when it comes to eliminating stretch marks are avocado-based creams. They will help us to keep the skin hydrated and elastic. There are different variations for these creams.
Aloe vera cream with avocado: - Half an avocado - One aloe vera leaf - One teaspoon of olive oil
Avocado, oat and almond oil cream: - Half an avocado - Two tablespoons of oatmeal - Two tablespoons of olive oil
Estrias en los muslos

More home remedies

Cream to treat stretch marks on legs

If home remedies do not work, or you do not trust much, we can try one of the many creams that can be found on the market to treat the problem of stretch marks on the legs and that are so easy to find that you can even find them on Amazon. One of the most recommended is the one offered by Remescar and its specific lotion for the elimination of stretch marks. Which comes in a 100ml bottle for a price of around 15 euros.

It is a silicone-based cosmetic, categorized as a medical device. In addition to solving the problem of stretch marks, it will also help us to visually improve the surface of our skin. With a non-greasy and pleasant texture, easy to apply, it will help us to correct and attenuate any type of stretch marks, not only those on the legs. Moisturizing the skin quickly, lasting and reinforcing it to increase its resistance to changes in volume. Offering a guaranteed 50% reduction in the size of stretch marks in 28 days.

To do this we will have to apply on the clean and dry area. Massaging the stretch mark gently until it is completely absorbed, without rubbing the area excessively. This routine should be repeated two to three times a day for a period of two to three months. In the case of pregnant women, its use is recommended as a preventive measure from the second month of pregnancy.

How to massage the affected area?

Crema para estrías en los muslos We will massage our legs in a circular way helping the home remedy we have chosen or the cream we have bought to penetrate in the best possible way in our skin. These massages should be done daily until it diminishes and in the case of pregnancy during the whole process.

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