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Stretch marks on breasts

We would all like to have perfect skin forever, but throughout our lives we have to face metabolic changes, pregnancies and even genetic factors that will affect our skin to a greater or lesser extent and are the main causes of the appearance of stretch marks. The problem of stretch marks can appear at any time, but especially in pregnancy or the transition from adolescence to maturity, are phases of a woman's life with a high probability of their appearance.

Stretch marks arise due to the rupture of fibers that make up the skin: collagen, elastin and reticula. At the beginning they appear reddish in color, with time they acquire a whitish tone. In the most extreme cases of broken skin, they may remain permanently purple. The appearance of stretch marks on the breasts is usually common in pregnant women and one of the most prone areas in general, let's talk a little about it.

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What factors cause the appearance of stretch marks on the breasts?

In the transition from adolescence to maturity it is common for them to appear due to the hormonal changes we undergo related to the increase and metabolic changes. If we suffer at any time severe weight changes appear both in the chest area and in the abdomen. The genetic factor is also influential. Not only do we inherit physical similarities, but it is also possible that we may be affected by aesthetic problems and diseases. Stretch marks can also appear without pain or warning. In certain cases we may experience a burning sensation in the area where they are going to appear. The best weapon we have is prevention, as it can help us a lot in alleviating and eliminating them.

Distension is another element to take into account. We refer to the variation experienced by the skin when it has to resist the weight of fat in certain areas. The different fibers that make up our epidermis, particularly in an area as sensitive as the breasts. It is worth mentioning that stretch marks do not arise exclusively when we suffer a sudden weight gain. In the case of uncontrolled weight loss, it is possible that they may appear.

The time of pregnancy in our life cycle is one of the most important and the time when we are most at risk of them appearing, both in the breast area and in the abdomen. During the first trimester of pregnancy, breasts tend to increase. There is no rule that determines how much but, on average we can say that can increase a cup size and one to two sizes the contour of the chest, from the second semester this growth stagnates until what we call the rise of milk, at this time, will increase again about half a size more.

Once the baby is born and you are breastfeeding, your breasts will go up and down about half a size between feedings. Once the breastfeeding period is over, there is no rule that determines how your breasts will look, in some girls they tend to stay a little bigger than they were before, and in other girls they decrease. Also, if by choice or because of some problem, you do not breastfeed the baby, the sudden change in hormones after childbirth will lead to a very rapid decrease in the size of your breasts.

In either case, these variations in volume weaken the delicate skin of your breasts, losing its elasticity and becoming more flaccid. As you can see, the breasts are one of the parts of the body, along with the belly, which undergoes more changes during and after pregnancy and, therefore, are prone to the appearance of the dreaded stretch marks. To preserve the beauty of the breast, it is necessary to take care of it daily from the beginning of pregnancy.

The advice given by dermatologists is to keep the sensitive areas moisturized so that the skin is tightened without fracturing. Especially during the second trimester of pregnancy. During this period is when the skin suffers the greatest extension and increases the likelihood of the emergence of the dreaded stretch marks.

Remedies to prevent or eliminate stretch marks on the chest

The remedies that we have already discussed in other articles are still valid for this area: - Keep us hydrated, drinking 2 liters of water daily. - To regenerate our skin and facilitate the production of collagen is highly recommended to consume apple and carrot smoothies especially at breakfast. - Eating fresh strawberries helps our skin to be smoother and prevents it from "breaking". - Eating vegetables such as cucumber and celery, as they have a high value in vitamins and minerals very convenient for our skin. Others more specific home treatments for the chest area: - Apply shea butter after showering and before going to bed. It helps regenerate the skin and covers the furrows. - Essential oils such as almond, geranium, lavender, orange or coconut, as well as rosehip. They help to relieve redness, but we must be very constant in their application, especially after showering and at night.

Estrías en los senos

Specific cream to treat stretch marks on the breasts

In the market we find a wide variety of specialized creams for the treatment of stretch marks. One of the most effective and best valued for its value for money is the Suavinex brand, which offers its special anti-stretch mark cream ideal for pregnancy: - It helps to improve skin tone, in addition to providing elasticity especially in times of risk (weight loss and weight gain, pregnancy). Combining rosehip and centella asiatica extracts, enriched with vitamins E and F. - It reinforces prevention, facilitates the massage of the area and the absorption of the active ingredients through ivy and horsetail, because these components are rich in silicon. - Its scent is very pleasant and is specially conditioned to the olfactory sensitivity of pregnant women. - It comes in a 400 ml container for a 3-month treatment for a modest price of 20$.

How do we apply the cream to the breasts?

Using the right palm of our hands, we wrap our right breast, massaging towards the shoulder from the outside to the inside. We will do the same with the left breast. Repeat these massages at least 5 times on each side.

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