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The best dermaroller, how to use it and which one to buy.

Girls, the Microneedling is in fashion. This treatment is carried out with a roller with micro spikes called "micro spikes". dermaroller can not miss in our beauty salon at home: it eliminates stretch marks, blemishes, acne marks, ...

I'm going to tell you everything we know: What is dermaroller, how it works, which one to buy, where to buy it... but, first let's get to the point🚀:

The best dermaroller of 2021

We have already seen the trendy dermaroller, now I present the 3 best dermaroller that we can find on Amazon.

As we talk about stretch marks on this website, we have chosen 3 models with various heads so that you can apply it both in more delicate areas and with fewer problems such as the face, to areas with stretch marks such as hips, buttocks, ...

Dermaroller GHB

Like the other 3 we recommend, the GHB dermaroller pack includes 3 heads of 0.5mm, 1.00mm and 1.50mm ideal to combat small wrinkles on the face, blemishes, scars and, using a roller with larger spikes, it is also perfect for the body for stretch marks and cellulite.

The number of microneedles, although not so important, is 1200 for the 1.50mm, 600 for the 1.00mm and 180 for the 0.50mm.

Nice design, microneedles made of stainless steel. Those who have tried it assure results from the first days.

Dermaroller by Kleem Organics

A newly developed dermaroller with surgical titanium needles.

It comes with 0.25mm, 0.5mm and 1.0mm needles, which are somewhat smaller than the previous model and, therefore, may not work as well for pronounced grooves.

The first few times it is a little difficult to change the roller, but it is all a matter of practice.

At the time of writing this article, they are giving away a free serum when you write to their email address.

Dermaroller iFanze, the choice of Amazon

This is Amazon's dermaroller of choice at the moment, a dermaroller that does the job perfectly.

Needle sizes are the same as our first choice and are also made of surgical titanium.

It comes with individual cases for the heads and handle.

Single-head dermaroller

If you do not want to complicate your life with so many heads and you are only interested in treating a specific area of your body, opt for a dermaroller with a fixed head.

These are the ones we recommend and you can find them on Amazon with very interesting offers if you click on the links above. There you can see their features but, basically, our first choice is the best of all, you can choose between different sizes of needles depending on the area and what you want to treat, remember that to treat stretch marks on the body we recommend needles from 1.00mm.

The other two choices are one size, the 0.50mm Tinksky, which makes it ideal for generic treatments all over the body when marks or stretch marks are not very pronounced.

The last choice has a microneedle size of 1.00mm ideal for more pronounced marks on all areas of the body although for the face we recommend smaller needles.

Dermaroller Como usarlo Cual Comprar

What is dermaroller?

You have already seen the photos, it is simply that, a roller with very, very fine and small needles that, when applied to the affected area, makes microheriditas in the skin, but do not panic, nor hurts, nor bleed, or anything like that ....

Our body reacts naturally, as it does with other treatments such as laser stretch mark removal, stimulating the formation of collagen and elastin in the skin which, as you know, is exactly what we need to eliminate stretch marks and scars. And, the double effect achieved with this device is that it helps in the absorption and penetration of products such as anti-stretch marks creams or serum, multiplying by three its effect according to the main brands.

What is it for?

The dermaroller will help you:

- Disguise scars and stretch marks - Eliminate acne marks, chicken pox, ... - Eliminate small skin blemishes such as sun spots. - Disguise age wrinkles. - Combat cellulite. - Improve treatment for alopecia.

How to use a dermaroller?

Its use is very simple and intuitive, I will detail all the steps so that you have no doubts:

1. Clean the area to be treated well with soap, if possible antibacterial. If we are going to treat the face we will have to remove make-up. There are some girls who apply the same disinfectant that we apply to the dermaroller.

2. Disinfect the dermaroller with a suitable disinfectant, which can also be purchased on Amazon.

Here are the best selling dermaroller disinfectants from Amazon

3. Now, simply pass the roller over the area to be treated, making the back and forth movement several times and in different directions. So that you understand me, to treat our face, we pass the roller from top to bottom all over the face making several passes over the same point, then we do the same from left to right, then diagonally also all over the face and, to finish on the other diagonal. Always apply a gentle, normal pressure. If you want, you can start the first day with a "feather" pressure and go up as you do sessions.

4. Apply the usual or specific serum or cream for our treatment, remember that there are some products not recommended after passing the dermaroller, for example, those with an alcohol base as it will sting or may irritate the treated area, below I will comment more on this point.

5. Clean and disinfect the dermaroller again.

It is best to apply it at night, for example, before going to sleep. It will only take a few minutes to complete the whole process. When the dermaroller is applied, the treated area tends to redden and may take a few hours to recover its color. The night is a good regenerator, while your body recovers from daily stress, your skin will also thank you.

The recommendations for the distribution of sessions are as follows:

0.20mm to 0.50mm: daily use. 0.75mm to 1.00mm: twice a week. 1.50mm: once a week.

When we start the daily treatment, the ideal is to do it 5 or 7 days in a row and then rest for the same number of days.

We will repeat the same sequence until we reach the expected result, from this point on, we will only need to maintain it, doing a session every week and, later, every 15 days.

Does the dermaroller work?

Here there are opinions for all tastes, in principle, if you are constant, you will notice an improvement in your skin, you will see the marks that you may have are disguised as well as the sunspots that usually appear with age.

Remember that, if you want to achieve good results, you must be very consistent.

My recommendation is that, for the price of buying a dermaroller, you try it yourself and find out for sure.

Where to buy dermaroller?

The truth is that I'm making it very easy for you, in the links you find on this page you will access directly to the best offers on Amazon. You can also find it in pharmacies, in the Corte Inglés but, why wait if you can have it now.

Which dermaroller to buy?

Before I have indicated the 3 best dermaroller that you can find on Amazon but of course, each one of us is unique and each one of us has our own needs, so I am going to give you some tips to help you choose your dermaroller.

Basically we have to look at three aspects:

1. The width of the roller: It will depend on the area to be treated, if you want to treat the face, a wide roller will be useless, and if you want to treat the legs, with a narrow roller you will take forever, therefore, the answer is easy, you have to choose the right roller for the area to be treated, the wider the area, the wider you can choose the roller.

2. The microneedles: The number of microneedles is not important for a better result, simply, the lesser the number, the more times you must pass the roller, anyway, almost all the models are very similar.

What you should pay attention to is the size of the needles. The size of the needle must be proportionate to the depth of the scars to be treated and how delicate the skin of the area is, to give you an idea, for anti-wrinkle treatments and small marks on the face we will use from 0.2mm to 0.5mm and, for stretch marks (depending on the length and color of the stretch mark) from 1.50mm.

There are dermaroller with an interchangeable head with which you can change both the width of the roller and the length of the microneedles.

3. The material with which the dermaroller is made is important to take into account. It must be resistant to avoid breakage, antioxidant, hypoallergenic, which is why many brands manufacture their dermaroller in titanium. Its design must also favor its use.

Things to keep in mind

Remember that the treated area will redden, which is why we recommend applying it at night. You should avoid exposure to the sun for the next 24 hours and we advise you to use a high protection sunscreen during the treatment.

Not recommended for use during pregnancy and lactation.

Do not use irritating cosmetics before your skin has recovered from the last session.

If you have atypical skin or any other problem such as active acne, fungus, do not use dermaroller and consult your dermatologist. If you are not sure, consult your dermatologist before use. Never clean the dermaroller with abrasive products or industrial chemicals, always use the recommended products.

Always treat the roller very carefully so that the needles do not break.

The dermaroller is a personal item, you should not share it with anyone to avoid infections of any kind.

Swiss Clinic, the trendy dermaroller advertised by Instagramers and Youtubers

The dermaroller, or Skin Roller as its manufacturer calls it, which triumphed on instagram and youtube is the Swiss Clinic. It is a little more expensive than those we have seen, it is also a product of very good quality materials, if you want to be fashionable you know.

At this time, you can no longer find it on Amazon. I don't know if it was a passing fad....

There are 9 different sizes of needles. You can also get it in a pack together with a Regenerating Serum that, applied after the dermaroller, helps to improve the final result.

Girls, that's all, I hope I have helped you and don't forget to try it to find out if you have any doubts.

Everything you need to know if you are pregnant: pregnancy test, home pregnancy tests, first signs of pregnancy online, follow up tests. We also talk a lot about stretch marks, white stretch marks, red stretch marks, stretch mark treatments and an anti-stretch mark cream special.

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