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Remove stretch marks with laser

Have you tried all the home remedies to prevent stretch marks and all the existing anti-stretch mark creams and you have not been able to eliminate stretch marks? Don't worry, you still have a chance, laser stretch mark removal.

Really, no treatment is 100% effective in eliminating stretch marks and, as already indicated in other articles, the best way is prevention by keeping hydrated and taking care of our skin throughout pregnancy.

eliminar estrias laser


Once stretch marks have appeared, we must attack them. We can try different creams and home methods to remove stretch marks but, sometimes, what is really effective is the laser and remember that, the sooner you attack them, the better, starting the treatment when the red stretch marks have appeared will be much better to achieve greater effectiveness.

In this article I will try to answer all the questions we have about laser stretch mark removal treatments.

What is the price for laser stretch mark removal?

Generally, laser stretch mark removal treatments are performed in several sessions. The number of sessions we will have to perform will depend a lot on our stretch marks, if they are red, if they are white, how many we have, ... To give you an idea about the price, each session comes to cost between XXX and XXX euros (in Spain) and, generalizing, the average is usually about 6 sessions, between 2 and 4 for red stretch marks and 6 to 8 for white stretch marks.

Many clinics, the first visit is free of charge and they carry out a study of your case indicating the number of sessions you will need and you can calculate the price it will cost to remove your stretch marks.

How long does the treatment last?

It depends a lot on the method used by the chosen clinic but, generally speaking, a session is performed every 30 days, well, every month. It will depend on the number of sessions to be performed to determine how long the treatment will last but, if we take an average of 6 sessions, in half a year you will be completely finished.

Is it painful to remove stretch marks with laser?

Many women do not decide to undergo the treatment for fear of pain but, believe me when I tell you that, on many occasions, it is much worse a hair removal. When we treat the marks when they are still red, the laser used can generate some discomfort and intense heat sensation at the time of application and only while it is applied. White stretch marks, where the treatment is usually more intense, an anesthetic is usually applied on the skin so that we do not notice anything during the treatment.

cuanto cuesta laser para quitar estrias

What does laser stretch mark removal treatment consist of?

Just so you and I understand each other, what the laser does is destroy scar tissue. Our body will naturally restore the affected area with new, completely healthy tissue. The day after treatment, the treated area darkens, begins to peel, and in less than a week, it will have completely flaked off and new skin will begin to form. What is usually achieved with the treatment is that the stretch marks diminish, becoming shorter and thinner, the red or white color disappears, acquiring a texture and tone more similar to our skin, making them practically not noticeable.

Depending on the clinic or center chosen, different techniques are usually combined such as the application of the center's own creams or those of well-known brands, other treatments such as carboxytherapy, ... to help the recovery of our skin.

Is it an effective treatment for stretch marks?

There is no clinic or method that assures 100% effectiveness in the elimination of the marks. As a general rule, they usually ensure a reduction of between 50% and 80%. It should also be noted that there are more problematic areas such as the buttocks, hips, inner thighs, but coincides with areas perhaps less exposed to the public and that may not have so much importance. In areas such as the abdomen are usually easier to remove.

Does it require hospitalization?

No, laser treatments for stretch marks do not require hospitalization of the patient. The sessions will be performed in the consultation room or in the area set up for this purpose, what we commonly call ambulatory (it is not necessary to stay in a hospital).

When is laser NOT recommended to treat stretch marks?

In the following cases, it is not recommended to use this technique to erase stretch marks:

- If you are undergoing treatment with photosensitive medications that may cause skin pigmentation, as they may delay or alter the results. - During pregnancy or breastfeeding. - If you have any pathology in the skin that contraindicate interventions of this type such as skin tumors. - If you have a history of scarring (keloid). - If you take aspirin or anticoagulants.

In any case, always remember to consult with doctors and experts both in the aesthetic center chosen as your regular family doctor or the one who treats any disease you may have, they have the last word and will advise you on the subject safely.

Where can I remove my stretch marks with laser?

The truth is that this is the million dollar answer. It is impossible to try by yourself all the methods, clinics, aesthetic centers, ... and they are always innovating.

My advice is that, having the basis of what I have explained, you make first visits in several of them and value the treatment, what they have explained to you, the price, ... Try to always go to recognized centers, try to find out experiences of other people) on the internet you can find different opinions although, do not trust all of them because you do not know who is behind it.

Medical center finder

I leave here a search engine so you can find centers in your city, enter your city and click search.

To be taken into account

Note 1: We will hear about different types of Lasers, many times they refer to the same type of laser with different names. The laser used will depend on the center, the type of stretch marks to be treated, the method used, ... Some of the ones you can find are:

Non-ablative fractional laser. Pulsed dye laser Micro-fractional laser, Fraxel re-store laser (1550 nm) Fraxel Dual System BW-200 laser Non-ablative fractional infrared laser 1540. Pulsed Dye Dye Laser
Note 2: It is very important that you have not sunbathed or had any UVA sessions in at least 4 weeks before starting the treatment nor during. The week before starting the treatment to remove stretch marks with laser, you should avoid the use of exfoliants and self-tanning creams.
Note 3: You should not do swimming or physical exertion during the two days following the treatment. You can wash the treated area but when you dry it with a towel gently without rubbing. You can not sunbathe or UVA rays for at least 6 weeks after and if the treated area is exposed to the sun because we wear shorts or a top, ... , use sunscreen 50 SPF following the instructions of the same and applying it a while before going outside. In subsequent controls your doctor will evaluate your evolution and will advise you on all this that I have told you.

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