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We already know that stretch marks are skin lesions produced when collagen and elastin fibers break down due to stretching of the skin during pregnancy and also due to other endocrine factors.

Initially, stretch marks are reddish in color and eventually evolve to a pearly white color. Pregnancy stretch marks are called striae gravidarum. They usually measure between 2 and 10 mm and are located on the chest, buttocks, abdomen, hips, thighs and sides.

Stretch marks can appear at any age, both in men and women, as they can arise due to weight gain, hormonal changes such as puberty; but, above all, they appear during pregnancy.

Trofolastin anti-stretch mark cream

An anti-stretch mark cream with proven efficacy in pregnant women is Trofolastin® Anti-Stretch Marks, one of the only anti-stretch mark creams with a double-blind study in pregnant women.

Positively evaluated by The Cochrane Library Young G., Jewell D. Creams for prenventing stretch marks in pregnancy. Cochraine Database of Systematic Review, Issue 2, 2010) of efficacy in pregnant women that claims to prevent stretch mark formation by up to 89% (J.Mallol, M.A. Belda, D. Costa, A. Noval and M.Sola. Prophylaxis of striae gravidarum with a topical formulation. A double trial. International Journal of Cosmetic Science. 1991;13:51-57).

Thanks to its ingredients:

Increases collagen synthesis, enhancing skin elasticity. It has an antioxidant action. Improves dermal tissue. Hypoallergenic.

It is formulated with Centella asiatica, a medicinal plant with regenerating, repairing and healing action on the skin that helps prevent the appearance of stretch marks.

Apply it twice a day and forget about stretch marks: To prevent the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy, simply apply Trofolastin® Anti-Stretch Marks cream twice a day, with a light massage until it is completely absorbed by the skin.

Trofolastin firming cream after pregnancy

Don't forget that after childbirth, you also need to take care of yourself, and Trofolastin also has a product for this purpose called Trofolastin®Postpartum Firming.

Can your body go back to the way it used to be?

If you've been pregnant, you've seen how much your body changes during the 9 months of pregnancy. There are many physical and hormonal changes and, above all, changes related to weight gain.

Therefore, after childbirth it is logical and normal that the shape of your body does not recover quickly. In addition, the skin is left with a flaccid and toneless appearance.

It's time to help your body to regain its normal shape for this I recommend using specific creams that provide elasticity to your skin.

Trofolastin® Postpartum Firming Cream is a skin treatment specially designed for after childbirth. It significantly improves abdominal elasticity (Evaluation of the efficacy of a cosmetic on skin elasticity. Institute of Skin and Product Evaluation. Data on file. Available for consultation at Novartis Consumer Health S.A.)

Thanks to its ingredients:

Restores the tissue improving the appearance and firmness of the skin. Hypoallergenic. It is also a cream formulated with Centella asiatica.

Use it after pregnancy and recover the elasticity of your skin. If you want to regain elasticity and firm your skin after pregnancy, use Trofolastin® Post-Partum Firming twice a day, massaging gently until the skin absorbs all the product.

And remember that if you maintain a balanced diet and practice some exercise you will have better results.

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