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Home remedies for stretch marks

Are there really home remedies to fight stretch marks?

Yes, they exist! And these home remedies for stretch marks are much more economic than any cream we can buy on the market. Currently we have a multitude of expensive creams to combat the much hated stretch marks that appear during pregnancy, however, practically none of them make them disappear.

Why not use effective natural products? Also, with home remedies for stretch marks, you don't have to spend a lot of money to get the exceptional results you are looking for. Many times we even have the treatment in our own home. Let's forget about products with harmful ingredients and look for what we have in our pantry.

There is only one thing to keep in mind. Each remedy acts differently on each woman. This depends on the month of pregnancy and the condition of the mother's skin. Whichever one you choose, your skin will be dramatically nourished with any of the home remedies for stretch marks.

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Home remedies for stretch marks

Vitamin E

Surely more than once you have heard about the nutrients that vitamin E provides, so it is excellent for fighting stretch marks. Where can we find it? In different foods that we will surely have at home, such as olive oil or avocado and if we mix them even better. We can always create our own home remedies for stretch marks by looking for exceptional foods like these.

Did you know that exfoliating the skin is very useful?

What could be better than using sugar with a little oil to exfoliate the stretch mark area! Or, failing that, with a brush, but with natural bristles. How would it help us? It would significantly improve the striated area and attenuate the stretch marks. However, we must not make friction, on the contrary! Always soft and pleasant to the touch. Homemade cream of aloe vera, vitamin E and olive oil: aloe is healing and regenerating. Vitamin E has a spectacular power on the skin for its antioxidant and strengthening properties. And olive oil is full of benefits for our skin. Extract the pulp of the aloe, add a little oil and then a few drops of vitamin E, sold in health food stores, and we will have the perfect cream to fight even white stretch marks.

Extra virgin olive oil after showering

If the problem of stretch marks is the breakage of the skin and the lack of elasticity of this? what better way to keep it at bay than by moisturizing it often! We can apply the oil after showering, without overdoing it so as not to stain clothes, it will soon be absorbed and our skin will be elastic and luminous.

Egg whites

Egg amino acids are great among home remedies for stretch marks. What's more natural than eggs? Besides, I'm sure you have them at home. The process is as follows: you must beat two or three egg whites, as many as you need. Then apply them on the area and wait for them to dry. Once dry, they are removed with water and, in addition, you can moisturize the skin with oil or other home remedies for stretch marks.

Lemon juice

If we squeeze one or two lemons and apply the resulting juice on the stretch marks, massaging gently, we will fight for their disappearance. Lemon is firming and corrective and will make your stretch marks are attenuated. It is one of the most economical home remedies for stretch marks.

Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables

One of the best home remedies for stretch marks! Possibly your consumption is deficient or very irregular, but fruits and vegetables give the lost elasticity to your skin. If you eat well on the inside, your skin will reflect it on the outside and you will keep those enemies away.

Remember that your skin needs to drink to stay hydrated, drink water regularly and apply from time to time some of these home remedies for stretch marks, if not to fight stretch marks, then to avoid them. Remember that the reddish ones are more recent and the white ones are more difficult to treat, start fighting them as soon as possible!

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