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Mesotherapy for stretch marks

Previously, skin marks or stretch marks were very difficult to treat. You could take up to years in different treatments and not see any positive effect, or very faint results that did not end with the problem. However, thanks to advances in science and technology, today there are different specialized methods that allow you to show off a rejuvenated and above all healthier skin. The mesotherapy for stretch marks is an important part of these medical advances.

Aplicación de la mesoterapia

What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is an aesthetic medicine treatment for skin revitalization.generally used to eliminate fat (cellulite) accumulated in difficult areas (abdomen, legs, arms and other areas of the body), as well as to stimulate facial rejuvenation, promote weight loss and fight insufferable skin marks such as stretch marks.

Mesotherapy is based on the application of microinjections of substances commonly composed of a combination of homeopathic and allopathic products, in addition to amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals; in order to promote the regeneration of new skin tissue through the recovery of collagen and elastin.

The goal of this treatment is to abrade the skin over the stretch mark after each session, as this regenerates the tissue and the appearance of scarring begins to fade.

This aesthetic treatment is a technique derived from alternative medicine. It emerged in the mid 50's, at the hands of the French physician Michel Pistor. Since then, it has constantly evolved to adapt to different advances.

Although mesotherapy is generally used for aesthetic purposes, it is also highly recommended to counteract ailments and other health conditions.

How is the treatment performed?

First of all, keep in mind that mesotherapy will have better results if it is applied on the skin reddish stretch marks, they are more recent in their formation and are easier and quicker to remove. On the other hand, the white stretch marks will require more sessions, as they have already become scar tissue.

The first action to be taken by the specialists is to identify the areas to be treated, in order to clean and disinfect them before starting the application of the microinjections.

Such injections contain different compounds, the specialist will choose the most suitable according to the stretch marks to be treated. This liquid will be deposited under the dermis.

This stimulates blood circulation, which in turn promotes the creation of collagen and elastin fibers. In addition, cell regeneration is reactivated and an antioxidant defense is created to suppress free radicals (molecules that accelerate skin aging).

Generally, it is a painless process. But some specialists choose to apply a topical anesthetic cream on the areas to be treated, to avoid local fatigue during the session.

On which parts of the body can it be applied and for whom is it contraindicated?

Mesotherapy for stretch marks is designed to treat any area of the body. The only area that cannot be treated is the breast because it is an area with very sensitive tissues.

Likewise, it can be applied to any person who has a stable and healthy health condition, and who does not present major skin lesions that could impede the effect.

And it is contraindicated for pregnant or breastfeeding women, as the compounds of the substances used could alter the ph of the milk.

When to start a mesotherapeutic treatment?

The best time to start treating stretch marks is when they are still reddish, since the effects of the treatment will be seen more quickly and fewer sessions will be needed, as we mentioned above.

In this case, when the stretch marks are recent (reddish or purple) they will need at least one session per week; and their fading could be achieved after 8 to 10 weeks. This may vary according to the reaction of each person.

To treat white stretch marks, therapies of up to 6 months or more will be needed. Also, one session per week so as not to force cell regeneration or cause other conditions.

Although these times are medically recommended, each mesotherapeutist adapts them according to the physical requirements of each patient. In addition to considering the areas to be treated and the chemical substances to be used.

After the first few weeks of treatment, you should complement the sessions by maintaining a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water and practicing a physical exercise routine that will allow you to maintain an active life and avoid the separation or rupture of skin tissues.

How long does it take to produce results?

This is one of the most important parts, the changes will be seen according to your body, that is, how it reacts to the substances.

You could see immediate results in as little as three sessions, as well as take up to six sessions to notice the slightest change.

Of course, you will see the stretch marks gradually fade away and your skin becomes firmer and tighter. And while you won't need a recovery period after the treatment, you may see side effects such as bruising and swelling.


What is the price of mesotherapy for stretch marks?

First, you should be aware that the therapeutic treatment could cover a minimum period between eight and ten sessions, and each session lasts between 30 and 45 minutes; and the price could vary according to the clinic and its technical team.

To give you an idea, the price of mesotherapy applied to stretch marks could be around 100€ to 150€ per session. (USD 120 to USD 180).

Final opinion

The treatment of mesotherapy for stretch marks augurs a firmer, rejuvenated, clean and healthy skin. The most recent stretch marks will disappear in a few sessions, and the deepest ones will fade with the passage of time, as long as the consistency in the aesthetic treatment is maintained.

It is a safe procedure, with proven results, medically proven and painless.

I leave you a video I found on Youtube made by the Dual clinic in Valencia, where they explain mesotherapy in a simple way and you will see how it is applied.

Note: This website has nothing to do with the Dual clinic nor are we evaluating their services, we only recommend watching the video for its enlightening content.

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