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Complications of an ectopic pregnancy

We have already commented in our previous article on what it is and the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy In short, an ectopic pregnancy is nothing more than a pregnancy that occurs outside of its natural location, which is the uterus.

There are several complications of an ectopic pregnancy can cause in a woman's body, the main ones are shown below.

Complicaciones de un embarazo ectopico

What are the complications of an ectopic pregnancy?

Ruptured fallopian tubes

It is the main complication of extrauterine pregnancies lodged in the fallopian tubes.. When the fertilized egg reaches the tubes and encounters an obstruction, it nests in them. It begins to divide and grow, increasing in size. The fallopian tubes are narrow ducts, so the egg does not have space for its proper development. The growth of this egg generates considerable pressure on the tubes, which can even rupture them and cause serious health problems for the woman.

Embryo death

The fertilized egg does not have enough space or nourishment to develop properly when an ectopic pregnancy occurs.

After all, it has failed to implant in the part of the body that had been prepared for its growth. That is why, one of the imminent complications of this type of pregnancy is the death of the embryo.. Sometimes the fertilized egg has managed to be relocated, achieving a normal growth of the same and therefore a pregnancy carried to term, but in most cases this type of pregnancy does not succeed. Moreover, many times when it is detected that the pregnancy is extrauterine, the egg has already died. The death of the embryo is the final consequence of this type of pregnancy.


Another complication of an ectopic pregnancy is known as hematosalpinx, that is, blood in the fallopian tubes. When the egg is retained in the fallopian tube, it begins to seek nourishment through its blood vessels. As a result, blood may remain in the fallopian tubes, causing serious health problems. In most of the cases in which this occurs, a surgical intervention is necessary, since the tubes usually burst and it is necessary to perform a total or partial ablation of the tubes.

Extraction of the tubes

If the tubes have ruptured, they may need to be removed. This is one of the most serious complications that can occur in ectopic pregnancies. Brownish vaginal discharge or even small hemorrhages. In the event that the tube ruptures, there would be sudden heavy bleeding.

In the event that the tube ruptures, a complication that occurs is the appearance of a sharp and constant pain in the lower abdomen that may spread throughout the pelvic area.

Another complication of this type of pregnancy resulting from a ruptured tube is the appearance of a rapid, weak pulse and cold, clammy skin.

Peritoneal irritation

In the event that the site where the ovum has been implanted breaks, due to its imminent development and growth, peritoneal irritation may occur in the patient. In some cases a pallor is detected in the pregnant woman, even presenting a very low blood pressure.

Hypovolemic shock

This is another complication that can occur in an out-of-utero pregnancy. It usually appears when the fallopian tube rupture has taken place, accompanied by acute abdominal pain. Surgery is the only way in this case to avoid further damage to the woman's body. One of the most important risks that can occur in this type of pregnancy is that the egg may settle in the junction between the fallopian tube and the uterus, since there the fetus has a greater chance of developing.. In this case, a rupture of the artery passing through the outer part of the tube may occur, which could have fatal consequences for the woman. Detecting the location of a pregnancy as early as possible allows early detection of extrauterine pregnancies, avoiding such disastrous complications. One of the possible complications that this type of pregnancy may entail is derived from the surgery that must be performed in some cases to repair the damage caused by the rupture of the fallopian tubes. In these cases a significant loss of blood can occur, endangering the woman's life. It is important to take many precautions in the postoperative period in order to achieve an adequate recovery of the patient and avoid major complications.

Psychological consequences

Psychological consequences are another complication that an ectopic pregnancy can have for the woman.. The feeling of frustration, the fear of trying to get pregnant again for fear of repeating the situation, are some of the feelings that women who have gone through this experience may experience. It is important to stay informed, to be aware that the situation does not have to be repeated. Many women who have gone through an extrauterine pregnancy have subsequently been able to conceive normally, without major complications. It is necessary to have a great deal of family support and if necessary, the help of a professional to avoid the appearance of this type of insecurities in women who have experienced this type of situation.

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