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Hello girls, nowadays, it's very easy to find a place where you can find buy a pregnancy test. You can buy it in any pharmacy (there is one on every corner, even, 24 hours open), parapharmacies, you can buy a pregnancy test in large supermarkets, even some smaller supermarkets but, why buy a pregnancy test online?

I am only going to give you one reason but I think it is the most important one: "Discretion.".

Comprar test de embarazo

Well, the reason why I recommend buying a pregnancy test online, especially to future mothers who are actively searching, is because of the discretion it gives you.

I am one of those who believe that the subject of looking for a baby should remain in the intimacy of the couple or, without opening the circle too much, in the closest family environment. We already know that there are couples that can take longer to get pregnant and it is not a good idea to be asked about it every now and then. Especially when you have been trying for some time.

If you buy the pregnancy test at the neighborhood pharmacy you are already opening doors for the rumor to spread and even worse if it is the supermarket. We also have the option of going to a pharmacy that we do not know and that is far from our environment but, why take so much trouble if you can do it without leaving home, cheaper because you save costs of intermediaries and, above all, with total discretion, simply by pressing the next button you can do it in a matter of a couple of minutes.


Those of you who know me know that I only recommend things that I know are totally reliable and guaranteed and as you can see if you click on the button above, you will go directly to the Amazon store.
Amazon is the online store par excellence and yes, it also sells all kinds of pregnancy tests to find out if you are pregnant, ovulation tests, and more related stuff and, above all, you will find cheap pregnancy tests.
As you can see on Amazon pregnancy tests are very cheap and there are different formats of presentation with more or less tests, with more or less reliability, ..., although the queen brand of pregnancy and ovulation tests is Clearblue. If you want to save some money, you can always try our virtual pregnancy test or not.

What should you look for when buying a pregnancy test?

One of the main features to look out for when choosing a new product is the buy predictor online is the sensitivity it has when detecting the hormone, this is indicated in the form XXmlU/ml. This value indicates the amount of HCG hormone per ml of urine detected by the predictor, the smaller this value is, the more sensitive it is and, therefore, we can perform the pregnancy test the days before the period or, in the case of low sensitivity, it will be better to wait for the delay.

Another feature that I consider important is the shape and size of the pregnancy test, as it has to be manageable to be able to perform the test easily, this part ClearBlue do it very well in addition to its reliability being totally advisable. buy clearblue pregnancy test online.

how much does a pregnancy test cost?

Lately I have been receiving a lot of inquiries asking me how much does a pregnancy test cost. The truth is that you read me from all parts of the world and the price of a pregnancy test in Spain is different from the price of a test in Bolivia, Chile, Panamaeven in the same country you can find different predictor amounts for example in the price of a pregnancy test in Barcelona is likely to be different from the price in Watershed. However, the advantage of the Internet is that prices are more competitive and are the same for everyone.

The cost of a pregnancy test in a pharmacy in Spain is approximately 2$ to 3$ per unit, keep in mind that they are usually sold in packs of several units, even sometimes they are sold together with ovulation test. At the top of this page you have prices of the best selling and cheapest pregnancy tests that you can find on Amazon, if you do the calculation, each pregnancy test can cost less than 0.60$, as you can see it is quite economical BBB (good, nice and cheap).

You should also keep in mind that prices may vary between brands, or according to their reliability or if they offer something else, for example, a Clearblue Digital pregnancy test, which shows the results on a small screen and can even tell you the week of pregnancy you are in.

In short, the best and discreet way to buy a cheap pregnancy test is through the Internet, and if you do it through my website, it's even better ;o)

Which pregnancy test to choose from the store?

Buy ClearBlue Pregnancy Test:As I mentioned, the brand that best works with the format making it very manageable, as well as reliable, is ClearBlue. Also, the tip is wider than usual to make the samples easier to collect and it also changes color from white to pink to indicate that the sample has been taken correctly. They even have a digital version that tells you how many weeks pregnant you are - they're 10 for simplicity!

Buy cheapest pregnancy test:Although the best selling product of the girls who read me is the "One Step - 10 Pregnancy Tests 10 mIU/ml Format 3,5 mm". It has a very good sensitivity, a very comfortable format to handle and it only costs 5,50€ - 10 units - with shipping included! And if you think it is too expensive, you have it in a pack of 5 units and the price is 2,99€ also with shipping included.

Well, you've seen where you can buy pregnancy test online at a good price, with the quality of purchase offered by Amazon: refund of the amount if you are not satisfied, fast, totally reliable, they solve any doubt that may arise, they inform you at any time about the status of your order, ..., in short, they are great!

Everything you need to know if you are pregnant: pregnancy test, home pregnancy tests, first signs of pregnancy online, follow up tests. We also talk a lot about stretch marks, white stretch marks, red stretch marks, stretch mark treatments and an anti-stretch mark cream special.

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