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In this article we will look at the different home pregnancy test that can be found by searching the Internet or they can even tell us, some of them, about methods they used in the past.

It should be borne in mind that, when we speak of home pregnancy testsWe refer to those tests that we can perform at home using items that we can easily find.

Test de embarazo caseros

It should be noted that we are not in favor of this type of test, which have no scientific basis. We only treat home pregnancy tests in this article as a curiosity, so that you can identify them in case one of them reaches your ears or, even, in case you want to try them to verify if they give you the expected result.

Home Pregnancy Test 1: Chlorine Test

For this home pregnancy test we need a small amount of bleach and a container, for example a glass, which is very clean so that no external agent affects the result.

This home test is very simple, simply, we will collect the first urine of the day in the container, it is recommended that it is the first of the day to get a better test result. At this moment, we introduce the chlorine in the cup and observe the reaction it makes.

If the contents of the cup remain unchanged, it means that you are not pregnant. If the contents of the glass fizz and/or change color, it means that you are probably pregnant, in this case, a conventional pregnancy test can confirm it.

Home Pregnancy Test 2: Vinegar Test

This test is very similar to the previous one but this time we will substitute chlorine for vinegar. We will collect the urine sample in our well cleaned container and, if possible, from the first urine of the day. Now we will add the vinegar, with a dessert spoon will be enough. Let the sample stand for about twenty minutes. Again, if the contents of the cup remain unchanged it means that you are not pregnant. If the contents of the glass have changed color and a little foam appears on the edges, it means that you are probably pregnant, in this case, you know that it is best to perform a conventional pregnancy test to confirm it.



Home pregnancy test 3: Urine test or grandmother's test.

This test is very simple. Simply collect the first urine of the day in a very clean, clear cup. Let the sample stand for about twenty-four hours.

After this time, we will check the sample and, if a whitish layer appears on the surface of the sample, we can suspect that you are probably pregnant. You can do a conventional test to confirm it.

Home Pregnancy Test 4: Pendulum Test

This is a pregnancy test is part of beliefs and superstitions. To perform it correctly, you need someone to help you. All you need is a pendulum that you can make yourself. For this, you will need thread and a sewing needle. Thread the thread onto the needle in the same way as you would sew on a simple button and tie the two ends together.

Once we have built our pendulum, you must stretch on a surface as flat and firm as possible, an ideal place would be on the floor.

Now you have to ask your assistant to hold the pendulum firmly about six inches above your belly from where the knot is. Ask him/her not to make any movement that would alter the result. If the pendulum tends to swing, it is only a positive result.

Home Pregnancy Test 5: Boil Test

This is a test considered unreliable but has been widely used in the past. We will need a container where we will collect the urine, as always, very clean and sterilized. We take the urine sample and put it on the fire until it boils.

If our sample presents a creamy layer on the surface when it starts to boil, it means that you are probably pregnant. Otherwise, the result of our home pregnancy test will be negative.

Home Pregnancy Test 6: Oil Test

One of the most successful home tests that seems to give the best results is the oil test. This home test can be performed from the first day of a late period and can be repeated days later to confirm the result. To perform the home oil test, as in other tests already seen, you need a glass beaker, any cooking oil and urine. Use gloves or something similar for hygiene and to avoid altering the sample.

To begin with, you need to urinate in a clean, dry container, free of any dirt or moisture that might interfere with the sample.

On one side of the beaker, put a tablespoon of oil and wait about an hour for the collected urine sample to cool.

Once it is very cold, with an eyedropper or spoon, place a small portion of it on the opposite end of the oil drops. It is very important that the substances do not touch each other for the effectiveness of the test.

We wait about one more hour and check the result. The home test with oil will be positive if the two substances have united, on the contrary, it will be negative if they have remained in their places without touching each other.

There is no scientific basis to support this test but girls who have had it done say it is 70% to 80% effective.

Extra Home Pregnancy Test: Frog Test

Just as a historical note, this pregnancy test was used very intensively until 1960, when immunological methods began to be developed, and it continues to be used in rural or less developed areas of some Latin American countries due to its simplicity and low cost. It consists of injecting a female frog or toad, under the skin, with the woman's urine.

As we have seen in other articles, the pregnant female's urine contains the hormone HCG which will stimulate the animal to ovulate. If the frog spawned within twenty-four hours, the pregnancy test was considered positive. It should be noted that the animal survives and could be used for another test, but an interval of about forty days should be allowed between pregnancy tests.

We have seen several home pregnancy tests, as we discover new tests we will update the article.

Don't forget that you can take our online pregnancy test whenever you want and is based on the most common pregnancy symptoms.

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