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Hi girls, in today's article I'm going to give you my personal opinion on whether or not it's necessary to have a health insurance in pregnancyYou know that I live in Spain and therefore, my experience is based in this country, but those of you who live in other countries and have access to a health insurance you can also take note.

Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful experiences you can go through in your life. Not because of the process itself, which we all know is tiring, annoying and full of ups and downs, but because of the end result: finally being able to hold your baby after so many vicissitudes is an injection of life and joy like no other in the world.

However, just because pregnancy is completely natural, it is not exempt from possible complications. During the nine months of gestation our body goes through countless changes and must be prepared to face any type of complication. And childbirth itself is a medical procedure with a very real risk. A very high percentage of births end in cesarean section which, after all, is an operation. Very common, true, but we are talking about surgery and it always involves risks.

So do we need health insurance during pregnancy?

We (I also speak for my partner) are of the following opinion: no doubt.

The much-maligned Social Security is a very necessary asset in today's society and the Spanish medical staff is one of the most highly valued in the world. However, the direct consequence of being a universal right is to have a continuously collapsed health service. If we are talking about needing continuous care for at least nine months, having health insurance that covers pregnancy and childbirth will more than compensate for the added cost.

First of all, the care will be completely personalized. In addition to being able to choose the doctor of your choice, he or she will not be in the situation of having to see ten other patients in the next thirty minutes. When you make an appointment with your doctor, you can rest assured that he or she will be thorough and completely dedicated. You will also be able to discuss the progress of your pregnancy more closely. No more waiting two months for an appointment: if you want to be seen next Wednesday, rest assured that you will be.

What is the lack of pregnancy health insurance?

If you are looking to have a baby and you have not yet taken out a private pregnancy and childbirth insurance policy, you should be very aware of the insurance gap. The waiting period is the period of time that elapses between the moment of contracting the insurance and the moment in which the insured can begin to enjoy its guarantees. In other words, you may take out a pregnancy insurance policy on March 1st, become pregnant 3 months later and... the insurance does not cover you because there is a 6-month waiting period!

For your reference, as far as pregnancy and childbirth insurance is concerned, this waiting period is usually around 8 months. For this reason, if we are looking to have a baby in the near future, the best thing to do is to start looking for alternatives to hire good health insurance for pregnancy and ensure that, when the time comes, we are fully protected against any eventuality. There are no waiting period insurance for pregnant women (we will show you some of them soon), but if you want to have a good set of alternatives to choose the one that best suits your needs, you'd better start your search right now.

Of course, the waiting period only affects certain insurance coverages and is invalidated in case of medical emergencies. To rest assured, the best thing to do is to check the coverages that are exempted in your health insurance during the grace period and choose the one that best suits you, although without a doubt it is best to avoid this period altogether by contracting well in advance..

What is the best health insurance for pregnancy?

It will depend on your needs, but to help you choose a good insurance, we have made a short list of those that, in our opinion, offer the best guarantees. We have based our list on the companies with the best customer ratings according to the OCU. The prices will always depend on your age, place of residence and previous medical history, but we will include some average base prices for comparison. Let's get to it!

Cigna Health Insurance

This insurance company has excellent references from their clients, so we have no doubt that they do a great job. Their cheapest service that includes pregnancy and maternity comes out for about 43 euros on average and includes childbirth preparation classes, single room with companion bed, complete monitoring during pregnancy, a 3D ultrasound of the fetus, full coverage of expenses of the newborn during the first 7 days while he/she remains hospitalized and health examinations of our baby. As a "negative" part, it has a waiting period of 8 months.

Axa Health Insurance

Another of the heavyweights in health insurance and also very well valued. As in the previous case, they also have a waiting period and, depending on the type of insurance contracted, childbirth preparation classes may be included as a co-payment. It has an assisted reproduction service, but in this case the grace period is increased to two years. If we are thinking of having children in the longer term and we want to be covered against possible complications during conception, this is an excellent option. The cheapest option that may be of interest to us comes at a cost of 29 euros. If we want an ultrasound in 3 dimensions the price shoots up to 65 on average.

IMQ Medical Insurance for Pregnant Women

If you live in Vizcaya, you will probably not find a better private service than IMQ. They have very complete maternity and childbirth services, and the new building they have built in Zorrotzaurre is one of the best equipped in Spain. They also have pelvic floor rehabilitation sessions for after childbirth, something that is quite underrated by the usual clinics but also extremely necessary. Ultrasound scans, childbirth classes, midwives at home, dental health during pregnancy? They also have a grace period of 8 months.

Mapfre Health Insurance

Similar to the previous ones although there are certain services that in principle are not included, so it is best to consult directly. With about 50 euros on average, if we have contracted another type of insurance with Mapfre the fee will be reduced significantly. Again, 8 months of grace period in what has become the usual trend.

Asisa insurance for pregnant women

The good thing about Asisa is that they have an infinite number of types of medical insurance, so you will be able to get the one that best suits you without any doubt. The bad part is -again- that they have an infinite number of types of medical insurance, so it will take you some time to dive through all of them to find your ideal insurance. They have quite competitive prices and a waiting period of 8 months for childbirth and 6 months for the rest of special diagnostic tests during pregnancy.

Sanitas, medical insurance with no waiting period during pregnancy

If you were looking for a medical insurance with no waiting period you have finally found it, as long as you become pregnant after the insurance is taken out. The delivery does have an 8 month waiting period, however. As an extra note, they have pilates and physiotherapy classes for pregnant women, although for now only in Madrid.

We hope this article has been helpful and has clarified your doubts regarding the insurance policies you can take out if you are looking for a baby. We look forward to seeing you in the next one!

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