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How pregnancy tests work

Today in online pregnancy test let's see how they work home pregnancy tests.

During pregnancy, many changes occur within a woman's body. Among these changes, some are hormonal. Hormones have different functions that help the development of the pregnancy and the fetus.

It is a complex world in which we will not go into detail. It is enough to know that one of the hormones produced in a woman's body from the beginning of pregnancy is the HCG hormone. Well, it is this hormone that is detected in most of the conventional pregnancy tests that we can usually buy in a pharmacy.

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When is it possible to take a pregnancy test?

Depending on the brand of the predictor (this is the name given to pregnancy tests).In order to test positive for pregnancy, a concentration of between 20 and 100 mIU/mL of this hormone is required. As a general rule, a pregnancy test can be done as early as the first week of pregnancy..

In the first week, the concentration of the HCG hormone is 15 to 1,000 mIU/ml, so a pregnancy test could detect it perfectly. It could be the case that the concentration of this hormone is lower and it is not detected correctly in the pregnancy test and, nevertheless, you are pregnant. For this reason it is advisable to wait a few more days to take the test.

When is it best to take a pregnancy test?

The best time to take a pregnancy test is with the first urine of the day. which is usually more concentrated. What is clear is that, if it is positive, the probability of success is 99%. To be able to confirm it 100% would require a blood test or a visit to the gynecologist to be inspected.

How to use a pregnancy test?

To use the pregnancy test, it is best to consult the manufacturer's instructions, as they may vary somewhat between different brands, although, as a general rule, the steps are as follows:

To begin, you will need to remove the device from its packaging and soak the part with the test strip in urine. Normally, it is recommended to wet the pregnancy test directly when urinating for a few seconds so that it soaks well. Once wet it is advisable to cover it again, if you have the option, in this way we will avoid contact with any external agent that may alter the result. Now you will have to wait the time indicated by the manufacturer of the pregnancy test, this is perhaps the most complicated part. And finally, you will only have to look at the pregnancy test to see if the marks that identify that you are pregnant have appeared.

Pregnancy test results

Obviously, the result of a pregnancy test can only be positive or negative. In case you test positive, surely, and with a 99% probability, you are pregnant. If it is negative, my advice is to take the test again after a couple of days. There are less sensitive tests that could give you a false negative.

What does the future hold for pregnancy tests?

We all know that cell phones have become a mass consumption tool and that they are used for everything. Everything points to the fact that, in the future, we will be able to perform a pregnancy test directly on the cell phone. I don't think they will create a specific product for this function, a specific "gadget". Rather, I am in favor of a device that connected to our smartphone, is able to analyze a drop of blood and perform, in the near future, basic analysis (sugar, pregnancy, ...) and in the more distant future, it could even be able to predict diseases.

Well, so much for today's article. Remember that you can try our totally free online pregnancy test and that will give you an idea of whether or not you may be pregnant.

If you're looking for a baby, you may also be interested in my article on the fertile days and when you're finally pregnant, remember that you can make your own gestogram to keep track of your pregnancy and your baby. Good luck and best of luck!

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